Travel Policy for Customer-Reimbursed Projects

Professional Services travel for Customer Based projects should be conducted in accordance with this policy.

Lenel will reimburse employees under this policy’s guidelines for all ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred while travelling on authorized customer reimbursed business.

Expenses are charged at a fixed rate for US domestic travel.  All travel outside of the US is billed at an actual rate.  

Air Travel

Air travel reservations should be made as early in advance as possible, pending scheduling of the project, to reduce costs. Ideally this should occur at least 2 weeks prior to on site if possible. Cancellation charges will apply related to travel if the project is cancelled.

Business class travel is limited to the following:

  1. US and Canada
    • Transoceanic travel greater than 8 hours (actual aggregate flying time) VAR approval required.
  2. All other regions
    • Travel greater than 8 hours (actual aggregate flying time) or hardship locations (see Appendix A)

Subject to the requirements described above, all air travel must be Economy or Coach class – at lowest logical fare. Any flight over $1,000 must be approved by department manager.

If your drive time is equal to or less than total flight time, then you may drive. Please see Lodging and Car Rental below.

Lodging and Car Rentals

Lodging must be selected based on best possible pricing available, and distance from customer site. At no time can a Professional Services team member take discounted pricing from government agencies that are offered to their VAR.

Hotels over $300/night must be approved by manager.

Rental car to be used at all times. Mid-sized cars are the required rental size, unless upgraded for free by car rental company. Car vs. air travel is at the System Engineer’s discretion.


Itemized receipts may not be provided. No receipts are required for food purchases under $25.


Employees will be reimbursed for the costs of phone calls and internet access which are reasonable and necessary for conducting business. Employee cellular phone usage is excluded and is not charged to the customer.

Laundry and Valet

Reasonable laundry and suit pressing charges incurred while employees are in travel status are reimbursable starting on the 5th night of travel. Reasonable dry cleaning charges are reimbursable in cases where needed clothing is accidentally soiled while in travel status or for extended trips (greater than one week)

Porter and Baggage Service

Reasonable expenses incurred in checking, carrying and shipping baggage, including reasonable tips are reimbursable.

Other Transportation Costs

Reasonable and necessary rail, local taxi, parking and toll charges incurred during a business trip are reimbursable. Employees should understand the advantage the cost effectiveness of various transportation alternatives. (Receipts are required for reimbursement)

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Employees will NOT be reimbursed for the following miscellaneous expenses (not necessarily all inclusive):

  • Airline club memberships
  • Annual fees for personal charge or credit cards
  • Barbers and hairdressers
  • Car washes
  • Charitable contributions and donations
  • Corporate/charge credit card late fees/finance charges
  • Excess baggage charges with out a sufficient explanation
  • Expenses related to vacation or personal days while on a business trip
  • Golf fees (when not part of customer entertainment
  • Gum, candy, or cigarettes
  • Health Club facilities, saunas, massages
  • Locksmith (keys locked in vehicle)
  • Loss/theft of cash advance money or company paid-airline tickets
  • Lost baggage
  • Luggage and briefcases
  • Medical bills incurred during travel
  • Hotel Room movies
  • Parking or traffic tickets
  • Pet care
  • Rental car upgrades
  • Repairs due to accidents
  • Souvenirs/personal gifts
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, etc
  • Theft of personal funds or property
  • Traffic fines
  • Travel insurance coverage
  • Travel of spouse/companion/family members without appropriate prior approval
  • Upgrades for air travel